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WELCOME to the Living the Dream Motorcycle

Clothing& Accessories website.


Well we are in the middle of a very wet winter and not itís not

ideal conditions for riding, but it is a great time to get the bike

†serviced and all the gear cleaned & ready for summer.


It is also a good time to change those patches on the leather vest.

We have lots of new ones and still have most of the good old ones

†and we are constantly looking to expand our range.

We have also started buying more in bulk to try and keep our

†prices down. In all we have close to 1000 patches in stock.



We also selling car & truck patches and these are proving very




Check out our large range of Keyrings


And our Tee Shirts






REMEMBER - Be Careful out there. Make sure your tyres and brakes are

†up to scratch, wear the appropriate clothing and watch out for idiots.


Please take heed -


Many Thanks

Peter& Lorraine